Street Art Volume III; Industrial Wanderer

Persuaded by the weather that I should probably make the sun my friend, I went in search of art in the city. I wanted to find some large pieces. Particularly large walls with one artists vision on it or jumbled up  graffiti and wheat pastes. I started by passing through Port Richmond and found next to nothing. I found a wheat paste

Columbus Ave

Columbus Ave- by street artist Get Up

and a ridiculous Buddhist temple at 6th and Ritner. I decided to go through the industrial areas and hoped to find some art on some run down buildings or forgotten nooks. I passed the towering SS United States ended around the Naval Yard and swooped through the stadium complex.  I wanted to get some close ups of the murals I have been looking at while standing on the smokers steps on the north-eastern side of Lincoln Financial Field that I have frequented over the years. I also found a Mummers mural and a couple nice wheat pastes. Including the one above by street artist “Get Up” It’s certainly the time to be out and about in the city.

Also I found out the Arts on South project is doing a mural of The Roots. The Philadelphia based band that serves as Jimmy Fallon’s house band.The mural will be at 6th and South.

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Street Art, Graffiti and Wheat Pastes

Philadelphia has more murals than any other city in the United States, even the world. And as much as the murals are a large part of art in Philadelphia, street art of all kinds are as colorful and influential as anything, and its just everywhere. Street art has truly evolved into a sophisticated form of art with the advent of sticker and wheat pastes in the last 10 years. I want to crawl into the alleys and bring you back the real messages of the people. This is volume 1 of my foray into the street art of Philadelphia.  

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