Coming Soon: The Phantom Lives Again at Jinxed

The recently deceased Phantom Hand Gallery from south street in Philadelphia, is being given life anew at Jinxed Philadelphia. After having their store yanked out from underneath them in June, and a pair of shows a block away at Tattooed Mom‘s, the Phantom Hand artist collective is back in action at Jinxed. Jinxed is your place for odd trinkets, unique clothing, weird toys and all types of reasonably priced vintage furniture. Following their instagram, @jinxedstore, is a great way to get your hands on new additions to the jinxed vintage collection. It would seem that at least every other day I’m pining for a pair of goofy green chairs from the 70’s, an industrial metal desk or an old fancy tray from some dead casino.

So the combination of two great things will be coming together on Saturday, March 16th for “The Dead Cats of Civilization” show. Probably a reference to Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, which I’d love to read and decipher for you, but I’m going to assume after reading the passage, that its going to be a dark and deadly show typical of the Phantom Hand collective. This time around I vow to come home with some more prints. These walls are looking bare and the one lonely Alex Ekman-Lawn print I have stares at me incessantly. (Thanks Alex!).

When the Phantom Hand Gallery closed its doors I was afraid I’d never see the likes of it again, so it’s great to know the good guys win sometimes, and that a great thing is coming back. Check out my previous posts for some Phantom artist profiles and show write-ups!

Phantom Hand at Jinxed
The Piazza at Schmitds
1050 North Hancock Street
Northern Liberties // Philadelphia, PA