Moo Noo: Plastopia

Coming to Phantom Hand on Cinco de Mayo, local artist Moo Noo has a solo show called Plastopia. The show will feature a ton of new art.  A type of art Moo Noo has been working on for a while, perfecting the style in which he alternates between layers of plastic and paint, and of course fire. “Conceptually its all about the ocean and how there’s all this plastic in it. And the process in which this substance that nature can not naturally digest, gets into the bio system, and with the suns UV rays, it breaks down on a molecular level. . . ultimately its about that”.

Come out on May 5th to Phantom Hand on 604 South Street Philadelphia, and see a bunch of really psychadelic new stuff. And of course some art from the previous shows. Check out the video below, where Moo Noo is working on some pieces for the show and trying not to inhale too much burning plastic.

The music is one of the many songs he listened to while seeking inspiration and creating. Dâm-Funk – Brookside Park.


Phantom Hand; Evil Gods and False Idols

The latest Phantom Hand show, called Mythology and the Forgotten Gods, brought a full wall of new art to the gallery. The group show was curated by mythology and creature enthusiast Anthony Pedro. There were new pieces by Jeffro Kilpatrick, Jeff Daniels, Mike BukowskiJeanne D’Angelo, and the fantasy stylings of genre master John Moriarty.

Jeanne D'angelo

Jeanne D'angelo

The show coincided with the news from the  Arts on South program that the gallery was going to get an extension for another four months of art. So the mood was up all around.  “We got extended, yeah,” said Moo Noo, artist and Phantom associate. “It’s awesome, we’ll ride the summer, try to make this summer really great, Armageddon may or may not happen, its gonna heat up, people are gonna be walking around. We might as well have a great place to show art.”

Anthony Pedro

Anthony Pedro and friend

Even the cheer got to Shawn Hileman, founding member of Masthead Print Shop and Gallery who gave a few prints away, including giving me the “I Want to Have Adventures With You” piece I had in last weeks post on the Masthead Vice Show slideshow. I had my eye on it. What a guy.

The show went well, thanks to the great Friday night foot traffic. I would tell you how much but the thanks to the faulty clicker skills of Fred Grabosky the numbers were all off. “It definitely went as I expected” said Anthony Pedro. “It was a beautiful Friday night, and there was a lot of quality art up, so I knew a lot of people were going to come through.”

The room is set up so that the new show is by the door and in the back there are the remnants of the other shows, and thanks to the majority of them being prints, there is no

The new mythology themed wall.

The new mythology themed wall with cyclops

bottom to the barrel. But the room this time around was Anthony Pedro’s , and he caught some flack for having all the pictures lining up at the top, except for one lonely Cyclops by Christian “Patch” Patchell. ” It was something I just wanted to do different, I was going for the straight across and then the Cyclops honestly, see how its got kinda just a half a body, its all the way up there so I was thinking that it’s a tall Cyclops. It’s like the head, the body, then the feet.” Personal preferences aside everything went well, and the future is going to be filled with art. “Everybody has networked, we all know each other, so you get to know more of the city crew,” said Moo Noo It’s like this guy is at this gallery, this guy shows at that gallery. It really makes everything more cohesive, it becomes more of a community when everybody comes here and gets together.”

Check out the sights from the show:

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most prints are from the new show but a few were too good to not pass along.

Phantom Hand Opening: Artificial Dissemination 2

Last Friday I had the pleasure of going to the Phantom Hand: Artificial Dissemination 2 Opening; Propaganda to Popaganda. And I can truly say that it was a pleasure. Phantom Hand is a Gallery at 604 South Street, Philadelphia, a space provided by the Arts on South program, something I hope to bring you more on in the future. The walls were lined with all different kinds of prints, skateboards, paintings and shirts. A certain type of no-holds-barred art. Artists with a certain type of toe on the precipice flair. A new kind of art made by new kind of people, people that don’t travel to the edge of their art as much as live there. The kind of stuff you don’t find in a museum, but that will be there as we grow old. It not so much predicated on the past as it is a product of the here and now. The frustrations of today, the technologies, the tastes of failure as much as the taste of success. So is the plight of the artist. But one must mark the differences between these artists and the ones 20 years before. The images that flash before these artists eyes are more varied than any before them. Such is the times.


Here’s some art from the over-stimulated minds at Phantom Hand, or Ghost Foot as it’s affectionately called by some of it’s inhabitants.

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Deep Background

So it happens that participating is better than being a spectator. But in this case you will have to settle for observing. If you can handle it. I have a lot of projects with artists on the horizon, but I think you will get a little taste of where I come from, if you check out a video of some of the places, sounds and styles that helped mold my psyche… Fields of my birth state, Pennsylvania, the streets of Boston where I got a little crook in my step, and Maine, a small chapter, with lasting impressions. Here is a collaboration between myself and master of facial disfiguration by way of melting, Moo Noo. Creatures were harmed in the making of this video.


Shot in Super 8 mm. 16 mm. MiniDv.

Locations: Boston, Maine and Pennsylvania.

I’m in the credits under Nish Jones, an old second name of sorts. Try having an identity crisis. Then try having one where everyone refers to you by an alias. . . Then call me. Click around here for more Moo Noo films, art, and clothing:


Alright, hello, my name is Nick Russo, and I’m in the business of documenting happenings. It turns out that I’ve run face first into art all my life… It’s been a journey finding what I want in it, and Im finally at my destination. I will fill this space with the most free-form interviews, profiles of painters, illustrators and printmakers, street colors, gallery events, medium explorations, and even some art of my own, maybe. My mission is to bring you this kind of colorful brooding art that is trying to explode in the greater Philadelphia area and beyond. I will try to put aside any urges to hoard knowledge of these awesome creations. I would elaborate, but I guess you will just have to come back…

Coming soon. . .  A recap of the Phantom Hand: Artificial Dissemination 2 Opening, and the oddest of interviews with Philly Cartoonist Jeffro Kilpatrick. Cheeseburger talk with artist Jeff Daniels, and animal studies with camel wrangler and zoology enthusiast Anthony Pedro .