One Wild Ride

Alright, this is it. For those of you reading who don’t know, this has been a great bit of fun, but it has also been a school project. This semester kicked my ass

Steve Streisguth

Steve Streisguth

up and down the tri-state area. Sometimes I would work for days straight, only stopping for some sleep or a bit of food. But there was this thing built into my schedule. Just about every seventh day I had written into my schedule “go get a drink and interview artists.” Or hang out at a gallery and watch El Topo and think of things to ask this world 

class artist standing next to me. I am most likely leaving the area for a few months but my journey cataloging art is not nearly over. I spent time interviewing athletes and educators and I can’t say its nearly as rewarding as trying to draw some artist out of their shell and get them to talk about why they do what they do. I never really was restricted by the format as much as empowered to learn, But now this blog is totally mine and I will be able to cover what I please, and will most likely be surrounded by art again. So as my semester ends I just wanted to reflect and say its been a wild one.Some of my best work has been for this class and I’m happy to say that it’s not over. I’ve met a lot of artists that I can’t help but w

Jeff Daniels

Jeff Daniels

ant to profile on my own. But along the way I checked a few of those off. here are some of my favorite posts:

Jeff Daniels profile: My Jeff Daniels artist profile I thought was a lot of fun and really constructive for me. For one his art is really great. Secondly I thought it was just plain fun to actually find real things out about someone. Especially when it pertains to their art. I was interested to learn that Jeff didn’t know much about art as a kid and doesn’t know what is about art now. He is just infatuated with emphatic, stunning visuals… and cheeseburgers.

Evil Gods and False Idols: This post was about a show at Phantom Hand curated by all time good guy Anthony Pedro. The show was a smash hit, and I’d like to think that my article was a part of it, as some of the artists picked it up and linked to it. It



was the perfect show for a lot of my favorite artists, and it was a criminally good time hanging out with Pedro, Jeffro Kilpatrick and John Moriarty.

Street Art Volume II; Colorful Concrete: My favorite of the street art posts was my comprehensive look at art in one of the best places in the city, Fishtown. I learned shortly after that not all areas are created equal as far as street art goes. I expected to see pillars coered in graffiti, and while there were some what I found even more were walls covered in one artists vision. It was stunning to see. And of course I had a tremendous amount of fun walking around the city, no matter the area. Ever since living for a year in Boston in 07′ 08′ I have had an amazing time in cities. And spending so much time in the one where all my American ancestry origionates has been a blast, and its not quite over.

I’ll be back to cover Moo Noo; Plastopia in the coming days. But after that its up in the air. It’s been a wild ride, so thanks for coming with me.


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