Street Art Volume II; Colorful Concrete

Marlborough St

Marlborough St

What a weekend for a walk through the city. Luckily for me the weekend starts on Friday at noon and I decided to join everyone in the streets to enjoy the weather and the sights.  I figured I would wrap up my segment on Fishtown and travel a little deeper west towards North Broad. I found a treasure trove in and around the overpasses near 95 and the side streets in between Delaware Ave and North 5th Street.

Palmer St and N. Delaware Avenue

Palmer St and N. Delaware Avenue

The sheer amount of cohesive art on the walls in Fishtown and just about everywhere else in the city I’ve traveled is astounding. Full walls covered in one idea. Both in the prime locations but also the many side streets and quiet buildings along the way. Some of the schools I encountered were incredibly colorful and quite a few houses were adorned with mosaics and quirky metal fixtures that give Fishtown such a unique handmade feel.

I even saw a huge wheat paste by Philly street artist Get Up at the mouth of the old Divine Lorraine Hotel on North Broad, and one of his awesome Ben Franklin with boombox pieces.

Here are my favorite 50:

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One thought on “Street Art Volume II; Colorful Concrete

  1. I love the street art pictures! They’re beautiful. By the way, thanks for the impromptu photography lesson by the river last night. I really appreciate it. -Nicole

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