Phantom Hand; Evil Gods and False Idols

The latest Phantom Hand show, called Mythology and the Forgotten Gods, brought a full wall of new art to the gallery. The group show was curated by mythology and creature enthusiast Anthony Pedro. There were new pieces by Jeffro Kilpatrick, Jeff Daniels, Mike BukowskiJeanne D’Angelo, and the fantasy stylings of genre master John Moriarty.

Jeanne D'angelo

Jeanne D'angelo

The show coincided with the news from the  Arts on South program that the gallery was going to get an extension for another four months of art. So the mood was up all around.  “We got extended, yeah,” said Moo Noo, artist and Phantom associate. “It’s awesome, we’ll ride the summer, try to make this summer really great, Armageddon may or may not happen, its gonna heat up, people are gonna be walking around. We might as well have a great place to show art.”

Anthony Pedro

Anthony Pedro and friend

Even the cheer got to Shawn Hileman, founding member of Masthead Print Shop and Gallery who gave a few prints away, including giving me the “I Want to Have Adventures With You” piece I had in last weeks post on the Masthead Vice Show slideshow. I had my eye on it. What a guy.

The show went well, thanks to the great Friday night foot traffic. I would tell you how much but the thanks to the faulty clicker skills of Fred Grabosky the numbers were all off. “It definitely went as I expected” said Anthony Pedro. “It was a beautiful Friday night, and there was a lot of quality art up, so I knew a lot of people were going to come through.”

The room is set up so that the new show is by the door and in the back there are the remnants of the other shows, and thanks to the majority of them being prints, there is no

The new mythology themed wall.

The new mythology themed wall with cyclops

bottom to the barrel. But the room this time around was Anthony Pedro’s , and he caught some flack for having all the pictures lining up at the top, except for one lonely Cyclops by Christian “Patch” Patchell. ” It was something I just wanted to do different, I was going for the straight across and then the Cyclops honestly, see how its got kinda just a half a body, its all the way up there so I was thinking that it’s a tall Cyclops. It’s like the head, the body, then the feet.” Personal preferences aside everything went well, and the future is going to be filled with art. “Everybody has networked, we all know each other, so you get to know more of the city crew,” said Moo Noo It’s like this guy is at this gallery, this guy shows at that gallery. It really makes everything more cohesive, it becomes more of a community when everybody comes here and gets together.”

Check out the sights from the show:

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most prints are from the new show but a few were too good to not pass along.


Street Art Volume II; Colorful Concrete

Marlborough St

Marlborough St

What a weekend for a walk through the city. Luckily for me the weekend starts on Friday at noon and I decided to join everyone in the streets to enjoy the weather and the sights.  I figured I would wrap up my segment on Fishtown and travel a little deeper west towards North Broad. I found a treasure trove in and around the overpasses near 95 and the side streets in between Delaware Ave and North 5th Street.

Palmer St and N. Delaware Avenue

Palmer St and N. Delaware Avenue

The sheer amount of cohesive art on the walls in Fishtown and just about everywhere else in the city I’ve traveled is astounding. Full walls covered in one idea. Both in the prime locations but also the many side streets and quiet buildings along the way. Some of the schools I encountered were incredibly colorful and quite a few houses were adorned with mosaics and quirky metal fixtures that give Fishtown such a unique handmade feel.

I even saw a huge wheat paste by Philly street artist Get Up at the mouth of the old Divine Lorraine Hotel on North Broad, and one of his awesome Ben Franklin with boombox pieces.

Here are my favorite 50:

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Masthead Print Studio; Everything In Excess

Masthead Print Studio is a print shop and gallery on 340 Brown Street in Northern Liberties. Founded by owner and artist Shawn Hileman. From March 3rd to the 21st they are having a “vice” themed show. At the opening on the 3rd there were people and prints and the primary vice of most of the people there, cheap beer. “The show is about vices” says Shawn Hileman, creator of the “Whiskey is my water” prints. ” We wanted to get all kinds of artists together. I wanted fine arts painters and different types of artists saying I like this and I like that. Diversity was big for me”The show featured many near intervention level subject matter, but mostly the typical bad habits and pitfalls of a typical person. Maybe those are not so different.

The show featured a huge wheat paste from Mike Smith, the co founder of the street art


Mike Smith- NOM NOW

movement NOM NOW. It was nice to see in a show as I’ve had them creep into my head from all the times I’ve seen them on the street. He also created a iPhone background. There are other shows on the horizon for Masthead. Including Heather Gargon and Jeffro Kilpatrick shows.

Check out some of the sights

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Street Art, Graffiti and Wheat Pastes

Philadelphia has more murals than any other city in the United States, even the world. And as much as the murals are a large part of art in Philadelphia, street art of all kinds are as colorful and influential as anything, and its just everywhere. Street art has truly evolved into a sophisticated form of art with the advent of sticker and wheat pastes in the last 10 years. I want to crawl into the alleys and bring you back the real messages of the people. This is volume 1 of my foray into the street art of Philadelphia.  

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