Phantom Hand Pulp Love Show

Phantom Hand’s latest show, curated by Jeffro Kilpatrick and Eamon Dougherty. A pulp art show with a touch more fantasy and a little less doom. WIth an after party at Tattooed Mom next door until getting kicked out at closing time. Check out the show and pick up a piece wednesday through friday.

The show was a success despite terrible weather, and Phantom Hand artist and shot caller Sam Heimer said more is on the way. And with the support of the group of artists that work it, there is not going to be a lack of

I had a sweet interview with John Moriarty about Philly art that was almost completely cast into the void by faulty technology and notable user error. Hope to bring more from him as his fantasy art as it brings me to lands I wish I could go to with more regularity. He does book cover art, logos, and card game art. Most of which is from deep within a colorful fantasy realm. Check his fantasy gallery out. I did save one piece.

Non traditional art galleries are big. How has this one helped you?

Well, I don’t feel confortable at most galleries. They can be intimidating and they are hard to get your stuff into. This one. . . its good to get out and mingle.

Ghost Foot. . . from behind the curtain

COMING SOON: Alex Eckman Lawn and his dirty city-scapes and twisted illustrations.


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