Q and A with Jeffro Kilpatrick: Philly Cartoonist Extraordinaire

While at Phantom Hand I got a chance to rub elbows with a few great artists. Some are so damn nice that further looks into their art are not only on the way but going to be really fun. One of these artists is Fishtown Cartoonist Jeffro Kilpatrick, whose blog is simply a must. I got to interview Jeffro but seeing as I was not incredibly knowledgeable on his art its a little stale. I would not even been close to having the opportunity if it wasn’t for a tip from one of his blog followers, a friend of mine in New Zealand, who so conveniently was at the tip of my fingers. Jeffro is the co-founder of the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society and Author of Dirtballs in Love and a few volumes of Sketches of  Fishtown, explained in a video here. Thoughtful comics highlighting the brighter sides of Fishtown.

Interview and pictures after the jump…

Check out Jeffro’s page here..

Q an A with Jeffro:

On Hip Hop he listened to as a kid:

J:  I listened to of Eric B. and Rakim a lot, Run DMC and N.W.A. . . Beastie Boys. All that type of stuff.

On taking part in Carelift International, a not for profit group that collects medical supplies and sends them to developing countries. And YAT Yard Art Tour at the New Orleans Fringe Festival

J: well there’s this guy, Damon Rosenzweig . . . we were trapped in Ukraine together during 9/11, well Damon is from New Orleans and went back to New Orleans later, after  working for Carelift, and now he is a guy who runs this Fringe Festival and he asked me to be involved in it, and I love Dixie land music , I’ve been to New Orleans, so I had work printed online, and sent it there. I was really happy to be a part of it.

On a Piece from his Dirtballs in Love show and fireman picture: (here)

J: I did a piece of a fireman with kind of a naked lady made of fire coming through for the Dirtballs in Love show, and i did it on cellophane and several layers of stuff. That was a remake of a painting that my dad made when i was a kid, and i wanted to incorporate it into the show.

On teaching

J: I teach 7th and 8th graders at University of the Arts, and on saturday mornings I teach cartooning and character creation. . . I’ve been teaching for years, I started teaching high school and running free cartoon camps in my neighborhood, and I was teaching at my old High School North Catholic.

On being asked to paint for the Audacious Freedom, the African-American Museum of Philadelphia:

J: Interesting, because it’s the African-American History Museum in Philadelphia, and at first I was wondering why they didn’t ask an African-American artists. But I was honored and I felt privileged because I thought, to even ask a white guy to something, and you know I grew up in a white racist neighborhood, and my mom never raised us racist but, we were always against the grain that way, and it was nice to be able to asked to do something like that.It was an honor, is all I can say. I was very humbled, everything that people ask me to do. . . it always makes me, feel good.

On where he feels most inspired:

J: Away from Home? Well, at home, I can sit down in Fishtown and feel like I can sit down anywhere and draw and not feel like I’m doing something weird, you know what I mean. But , I love New Orleans and Montreal. Those places are great.

On where he feels most inspirational to others:

J: Definitely Fishtown , my neighborhood, its one of those things, even before the neighborhood changed it was like a big fish in a small pond thing, I know though that seems like an egotistical thing, but. . .people treat me in high regard, people treat me real well, and I’m not saying that I’m better than anybody, but its nice to be treated nicely, and they do that in my neighborhood. I never got in fights as a kid, except with my friends and my brother.

An interview with Jeffro at Geekadelphia.com


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