Deep Background

So it happens that participating is better than being a spectator. But in this case you will have to settle for observing. If you can handle it. I have a lot of projects with artists on the horizon, but I think you will get a little taste of where I come from, if you check out a video of some of the places, sounds and styles that helped mold my psyche… Fields of my birth state, Pennsylvania, the streets of Boston where I got a little crook in my step, and Maine, a small chapter, with lasting impressions. Here is a collaboration between myself and master of facial disfiguration by way of melting, Moo Noo. Creatures were harmed in the making of this video.


Shot in Super 8 mm. 16 mm. MiniDv.

Locations: Boston, Maine and Pennsylvania.

I’m in the credits under Nish Jones, an old second name of sorts. Try having an identity crisis. Then try having one where everyone refers to you by an alias. . . Then call me. Click around here for more Moo Noo films, art, and clothing:


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